Keep an Extra Eye on What Matters Most with a Samsung Smart HD Cam

samsung smartcam review

samsung smartcam review

There is nothing more important than your family and protecting them while you’re away. But you can’t always be home to watch to make sure your house and family are safe. With technology now, you can monitor your home, watch the babysitter and even talk to your family through the smart cameras all while staying connected.

samsung smartcam reviewWe’ve tried a few different home security cameras over the years, but usually with them is a hidden subscription fee that you don’t find out about until later. But there are some Wi-Fi connected cameras you can get that you can monitor your home and family without paying a huge fee every month. We were sent a Samsung SmartCam to test out in our home, and inside the packaging you find the camera, the power cord to keep the camera charged, mounting materials and a 16 GB Micro-SD Card.

Connecting the camera was easy to do with the the app that is included and the Micro-SD card records everything as it happens. Compared to other Wi-Fi cameras we’ve had in the past, the set up with easy to do and we had the camera up and running in under five minutes. The Samsung SmartCam is an affordable security camera to get you started to watch your home with night vision, two way audio, programmable motion and audio detection – it’s a great camera to keep you safe and take care of everything you value.

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