Protect Your Home with the Affordable Skylink Home Security System

skylink Home security system review

skylink Home security system review

A couple of years before we moved out of our last home, the neighborhood started to get unsafe. We installed a Nest camera to monitor the house when we were away. But other than having it back up to the cloud, we didn’t take any other security measures. Thankfully, our new home is in a much safer neighborhood, but this hasn’t changed the nervous feeling we have when we leave our house for extended periods of time. But our last trip was made a bit easier with the help of technology, and a new lower cost way to have a security system in your home.

skylink Home security system reviewLet’s be real here, most security systems cost hundreds of dollars to have it installed and then there is a monthly subscription. This hasn’t been in my budget – ever. While I love the idea of having a home security system and a way to monitor the comings and goings in our house, I can’t shell out that kind of cash. Earlier this year Skylink Home released their SK-200 home security system and sent us one to check out. Unlike other home security systems on the market, there is no subscription cost and it has an extremely easy installation of the system.

skylink Home security system reviewThe Skylink Home SK-200 security comes with a pinpad base, a key fob, a motion detector , two sensors for doors and windows. Everything else you need is in the Skylinknet app that you can download for free. Attaching the sensors and the motion detector can be done with the included screws or with adhesive pads. When I installed the Skylink security system, I used the adhesive pads so we could move them later to another location. This is a great option for renters or if you’re moving soon.

Skylink home security system reviewOnce I installed the Skylinknet app on my phone installation really only took me about 10 minutes. I did have a bit of trouble getting the app to talk to the pin pad hub at first. It asked for a pin and the name of the device, but didn’t tell me where to get it. This information is actually on the back of the hub but not clearly labeled. Everything you need to connect them are found there and on the key fob. Once I figured out how to log into the hub, it was as simple of pairing two sensors together and telling the app what the location was of each sensor.

skylink Home security system reviewOnce paired, the sensors can be placed on your doors and windows. Initially I was worried about the distance the frame caused on the door. But the proximity of the sensors was all that mattered and they stay connected and secure while we’re gone. You can easily see on the app if the sensors are connected (and the door or window is closed) or if they are open. When you open the door or window and the sensor connection is disrupted they will blink red.

Skylink home security system reviewLike more expensive security systems the Skylink Home Security system has a motion sensor and a way to arm the home when you are leaving. It can be disarmed with the key fob, your phone via the app or even with the keypad with an 8 digit code. If motion is detected while you are away, or one of the sensors connection is broken the hub will emit a loud squealing sound.

Since our home is happily on it’s way to becoming a “smart home” we have the Skylink Home Security integrated with IFTTT. We have a rule that if motion is detected to capture a video on our Nest camera. Another rule is triggered when we disarm the system when we are coming home, and it turns the lights on in the living room for us. I love being able to check in on our house and keep it secure and on our own network. We don’t need any subscription service and can expand the system for the whole house and adding different devices as time goes on.

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