Have an Extra Set of Eyes while Driving with the HD Mirror Cam

HD Mirror Cam Review

HD Mirror Cam Review
Do you ever wish you had an extra set of eyes while you were driving? Someone who could verify what you saw or go back and see it again? That is the reason a lot of people have started keeping dash cams in their car – for their personal safety as well as those around them. But you can’t see what your dash cam is recording, that is, until you install an HD Mirror Cam. It works like a standard mirror, and actually dims in bright light to make it easier for you to see.

HD Mirror Cam ReviewMy car is an older car, and while it’s over 12 years old it has a lot of features already built in. It unfortunately does not have more than a standard mirror and doesn’t offer much in the way of cameras on the vehicle. So I was excited to install the HD Mirror Cam and see how it worked. Keep in mind, the HD Mirror Cam is not a back up camera, but more a dash cam style system. The HD Mirror Cam comes with everything you need to get it set up and going, and set up will only take you a couple minutes.

HD Mirror Cam ReviewDespite the size of the HD Mirror Cam, it is actually really light weight and you don’t have to worry about adding a ton of weight to the mirror connector already on your windshield. There is already a micro-SD card installed when you get the mirror and there is a slight charge on the battery. Before installing you should charge the mirror completely using a micro-USB cord. The mirror will come with a car charger, and suggests you leave it plugged in – this way your mirror is always fully charged and on when you turn the car on. Keep in mind that is your car is 2009 and older (like mine) this is before most cars started limiting the use of the battery when the vehicle is not on. Meaning, if I leave it plugged in while my car is off, it will constantly pull on my battery. Newer cars will not have this issue and the system can stay plugged in.

HD Mirror Cam ReviewInstalling the mirror cam is extremely easy – the back has two soft rubber straps that hook on the bottom. You can simply set the mirror on top of your current one, pull the rubber straps over and hook them on. That’s it! Your mirror cam is installed. You can go through the settings and update the date and time (I still need to do this one mine). A quick push of the power button and you have a full view of what is going on in front of your camera.

HD Mirror Cam ReviewThe HD Mirror Cam isn’t limited to what is directly in front of it, instead you can rotate the camera 350 degrees around and see thinks happening to the right, left or even in the back seat of the car. The camera is also on a pivot so you can adjust the lens to the view you want so you can see the details you want like the plate numbers of the car in front of you and everything around you. The camera is there when you need it and still recording but not displaying when you don’t want it to be. It actually will record up to 14 hours continuously, and you can save off the recording with the provided USB converter. You can do full play back on your mirror if you need it, but I prefer pulling the videos off onto my computer for better inspection. But probably my favorite feature is the still capture button – need to grab a picture quickly or want to remember your exit? Snap a pic in no time.

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