Fusion Entertainment SXSW Movies and Series To Check Out

Fusion Entertainment SXSW Movies and Series To Check Out

With SXSW around the corner, we’re getting more peeks into some of the new movie and series offerings from different studios. Fusion Entertainment has given us a good look at some of the new documentaries and series we can expect to see at this year’s festival.

GRAND THEFT HAMLET – Documentary Feature Competition

January 2021. The UK is in its 3rd lockdown and all entertainment venues remain closed. For theatre actors Sam and Mark, the future looks bleak. As the pandemic drags on, Mark – single and childless – is increasingly socially isolated, while Sam panics about how he is going to support his young family. They spend their days in the online digital world of Grand Theft Auto and when they stumble across a theater, they suddenly have an idea to stage a full production of Hamlet within the game. This film charts their ridiculous, hilarious and moving adventure as they battle violent griefers and discover surprising truths about life, friendship and the enduring power of Shakespeare.

Produced by: Rebecca Wolff, Julia Ton

Directed by: Pinny Grylls and Sam Crane
Written by: Pinny Grylls and Sam Crane
Staring: Sam Crane, Mark Oosterveen, Jen Cohn

TIMESTALKER – Narrative Spotlight

“Timestalker” follows hapless heroine Agnes through time as she repeatedly falls for the wrong guy, dies a grim death, gets reincarnated a century later, before meeting him again and starting the cycle anew. It is one story told over many periods, all with the messy thrills and spills that come with daring to follow your heart. Or maybe your loins…
Agnes’ only hope in avoiding this violent fate is by finally reaching spiritual enlightenment; but how can she ever wise up when she’s destined to be a fool for love? Some lessons are just too hard to learn in one lifetime.

Produced by: Vaughan Sivell, Mark Hopkins, Natan Stoessel, Tom Wood

Directed by: Alice Lowe
Written by: Alice Lowe
Staring: Alice Lowe, Jacob Anderson, Aneurin Barnard, Tanya Reynolds, Nick Frost


From Duplass Brothers Productions Four New Independently Produced Shows “Penelope”, “The Broadcast”, “Ryley Walker & Friends”, and “The Long Long Night”

A showcase of four independently produced pilots by Duplass Brothers Productions featuring “Penelope”, “Ryley Walker and Friends”,”The Broadcast”, and “The Long Long Night”. Mark Duplass, Mel Eslyn, Natalie Palamides, Courtney Pauroso, and Barret O’Brien will be in attendance for a Q&A after the screening.


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