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Pecan Ball Gif
Try one of the famous Grand Hotel Pecan Balls at the Tea Room

Gluten free dining and traveling don’t always go hand in hand. It can be a struggle when you already know the playing field – but some place else? Forget about it! Since my last visit to Mackinac Island, where I could get a paltry burger without a bun as the only option we could find, the island has opened the flood gates to gluten free dining as well as other options. From tempting desserts (don’t tell me you don’t want to jump into that Pecan Ball up there), to full menus there is a lot more than you’d expect to find on Mackinac Island.

While planning your next visit to the island, take the time to plan out a few places to stop and eat. You’re going to need to rest your feet and recharge as you go. And you may be surprised – your gluten free options may be better than what you can find at home!

The Tea Room at Fort Mackinac

Fort Mackinac Tea Room

The Tea Room at Fort Mackinac is a small venue and only accessible while you’re visiting the fort. But the restaurant offers menu items that are marked gluten free from the famous Grand Hotel Pecan Ball to salads and fish. Not in the mood for sea food or another salad? With the exception of one or two, you can order any of the sandwiches on the menu on gluten free bread. We’re not sure where they get this super soft and fluffy gluten free bread but you will fall in love with it. Served with fruit, a pickle and bags of chips directly from Traverse City, this quick lunch option is a must have.

Find out more about the Tea Room at Fort Mackinac

Mary’s Bistro

mary's bistro mackinac island review

Mary’s Bistro is on the far end of Main Street and offers traditional bar and water side meal options. Their menus doesn’t have any gluten free call outs at this point and time, but you the staff is well versed in what is gluten free and what is not on the menu. You can get a burger without a bun – our choice while traveling for protein and fuel. Perfectly grilled and using high quality ingredients, the burger is made with ingredients sourced from Detroit’s Eastern Market – you wont have a better burger! Or you can choose a variety of salads or sea food options to keep you going.

With a fun interior, dock views and a large menu, Mary’s Bistro is a place to take your family to sit down and enjoy a meal.

Chianti at Mission Point Resort

chianti restaurant mission point mackinac island

First class dining in a relaxed setting, Chianti at Mission Point Resort is a great place to visit when you need to get away from the busy side of the island. With a welcome glass of Prosecco, Chianti offers you a quiet place to reflect while teasing your senses with creative meals. Don’t be discouraged by the amount of pasta on the menu, gluten free options include salads, sea food, steak and even encrusted lamb chops over risotto that you will dream about.

Check out Chianti and more about Mission Point

1852 Grill Room at The Island House Hotel

1852 Grill Island House Mackinac Island

Views, beautiful music and delicious meal options are what you will be greeted with at 1852 Grill Room. From steaks, chicken, salads and sea food there is a large assortment of gluten free meal options you can enjoy. Sit back, enjoy the moment of calm and some delicious meals. Need to satisfy a sweet tooth? Try some of their gluten free desserts like the chocolate mousse that is artfully displayed in an edible chocolate bowl shaped like an art glass flower.

Find out more about 1852 Grill and their menu, views and more!

Ryba’s Fudge

Ryba's Fudge Mackinac Island

Fudge is a staple for any visit to Mackinac Island, but you may wonder if it’s safe to enjoy while you’re drooling over the flavors. Ryba’s Fudge makes 17 different flavors, including one Vegan option and only one option is not gluten free! Skip the one with the Oreos inside and pick the fudge flavor you want. Other options include their chocolate covered marshmallows, peanut butter cups, candy covered nuts and toffee. Looking at something else they have and curious if it’s gluten free? Just ask and they can help you out!

While not exactly a place to go to for a meal, it’s nice to know you can enjoy the traditional island favorite treat while you’re there!

See how Ryba’s makes their fudge and how you can order some now!

Scoop’s Ice Cream!

Since ice cream and shaved ice isn’t considered a meal, we’re just adding this as a bonus option. Right off the ferry dock, stop into Scoop’s for a bite of something delicious to cool off or try new flavors. From island favorites like Mackinac Island Fudge Ice Cream, Michigan local favorites like Super Man ice cream and of course their ginormous shaved ice options. It’s almost hard to find but once you see a kid walking by with a shaved ice treat as big as their head you’ll track it down and never forget where they are again!



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