Waterfront Dining at the Oldest Hotel on Mackinac Island – Visit the 1852 Grill Room #ThisIsMackinac #MakeItMackinac #PureMichigan #MackinacIsland

1852 Grill Island House Mackinac Island

While on Mackinac Island, a view of the water while eating is almost required for one of your meals. There are a lot of restaurants that offer you a slivered view of the water or the docks right outside their doors. But you many cannot compete with the view and historic standing of the Island House Hotel. On the registry for Historic Hotels of America, the building is not only the oldest hotel on the island but actually belongs to the Mackinac Historic Parks.

1852 Grill Island House Mackinac IslandA short walk from Marquette Park, the Island House Hotel is a destination for views, dining and even great rooms that are close to the many of the key tourist attractions on the island. As you come up to the hotel, you’re able to sit back and relax on the porch in rocking chairs taking in the views around you. While the Island House is a hotel, they open their restaurants to tourists as they come through and by the area. Offering both casual dining in their Ice House BBQ as well as upscale dining options in the 1852 Grill Room.

1852 Grill Island House Mackinac IslandThe 1852 Grill Room is located off of the main lobby of the Island House Hotel, and takes advantage of the an enclosed are of the original colonnade. Guest are treated to a clean interior with a quiet atmosphere that is highlighted by the piano music of a local musician. With creative meals, chef inspired dishes and the opportunity sit surrounded by the beauty of the island surroundings. Even with the busy streets outside, the 1852 Grill Room offers a quiet place to sit back and enjoy Mackinac Island.

Try out the special, or stop in for some desserts that look as delicious as they taste. 1852 Grill Room is just steps off of the main road and will quickly become one of your favorite restaurants to visit when you travel north to Mackinac Island.


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