Experience History First Hand at Fort Mackinac

Fort Mackinac Mackinac Island

It is one of the most iconic buildings on Mackinac Island. It looms over the city, over the park below and is one of the first forts in Michigan. And at Fort Mackinac, you can still experience history first hand. The fort was built in 1780

Fort Mackinac Mackinac Island Michigan

Fort Mackinac has 14 buildings that are fully restored and open for the public to tour. Access to all of the buildings is included in your ticket price. The fort also offers hands-on displays and exhibits for kids to work with in the Kids’ Quarters, a look at 19th century military justice in the Post Guardhouse, exhibits dedicated to medical practices used throughout the fort, and an exhibit about the full history of Mackinac Island.

Fort Mackinac Mackinac Island Michigan

Today, Fort Mackinac brings in thousands of tourists a year and offers tours by soldiers throughout the site. You can learn more about the soldiers and their families that called this area home. Watch a rifle demonstration, hear the cannon fire or listen to hear taps as the day ends at the fort. Besides a hands on approach to history, touring Fort Mackinac is a fun way to bring our history to life.

Fort Mackinac

While you’re visiting Fort Mackinac be sure to stop into the Officer’s Stone Quarters – the oldest building in the state of Michigan. The upper level features an exhibit of the game room and place of relaxation for the soldiers of the fort. The lower level has been converted into an operational restaurant that has offered lunch, snacks and one of the best views while dining since 1920. You can only dine at the Tea Room with a ticket to Fort Mackinac, so take advantage of this view while you can!

Fort Mackinac Mackinac Island Michigan

Fort Mackinac helps bring history to life, and you’ll be able to see how this fort played a pivotal role in shaping our state and the regions around us. The fort also offers a gift shop where you can pick up items related to the island, books about the history of the region and even some interesting facts about some of the ghosts that haunt the area still.

Want to experience a part of history and fire the cannon at the Fort? You can do that too! You have to pre-register before your visit but you’ll love the experience! Here’s how to Fire the Cannon at Fort Mackinac! Full disclosure, firing the cannon does have an extra charge associated with it, but it’s an amazing experience and worth the cost!

Fort Mackinac is unmistakable when you first get to the island. It is on top of the hill right above Marquette Park. You can take a carraige ride to the fort, or climb the hill on your way up. Admission Adult: $13/Online: $12 Youth (5-12): $7.50/Online: $6.75

Tours at the fort start on June 9th and run through October. For more information and a schedule of tours visit the Fort Mackinac website.


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