Use the Force to Make Your Dinner with a Light Saber Immersion Blender

Light Saber Immersion Blender Review

Light Saber Immersion Blender Review

It doesn’t matter what you have in your kitchen, I always feel there are two tools that everyone should have – a good knife and an immersion blender. Once you know how to use either, your recipe list will open up for dinner and meals – and it is so much easier to make your favorite meals. When choosing your immersion blender (or sometimes called a stick blender), you need to make sure it’s durable and the shaft is metal, plus it has more than one speed. There are a lot on the market, but sometimes you just want to have a bit of fun with your kitchen tools as well.

Light Saber Immersion Blender ReviewIf you are a home cook and want an immersion blender that will not only get the job done, but looks awesome at the same time, check out the Light Saber Immersion Blender from Pangea Brands. They sent us their Anakin Skywalker Light Saber Immersion Blender to use in our kitchen – and the force is strong with this one!

Light Saber Immersion Blender ReviewLike all good light sabers, I mean immersion blenders, there are six different speeds you can use the blender on. The dial control is on the top and you simply turn the top to change the speed and power of your blender. With the body styled like the handle of Anakin Skywalker’s light saber you just twist in the blue “light” shaft into your blender and push the button to get it started. The body is made of plastic, and but the blender portion is metal so it can withstand heat and use. The rubber grips on the handle of the light saber make it easier to hold in your hand, but do not provide a super comfortable grip if your food takes a while to blend together.

Light Saber Immersion Blender ReviewIn my kitchen, the immersion blender gets used a lot from mashed potatoes, mashed cauliflower, soups, apple butter, sauces and anything I don’t want to batch process out of a piping hot pan. But the light saber immersion blender was put to the test making baked potato soup for dinner. It’s perfect for making sure your soup is smooth and takes almost no force at all to get the job done (see what I did there?)

Light Saber Immersion Blender ReviewThe Light Saber Immersion Blender is easy to use, and makes sure your dishes come out perfectly smooth with little effort. The style of the blender is fun and geeky – but best of all extremely useful. If you’re new to immersion blenders, and want to have one around that will actually get used (and no one is afraid to use) this is the one for you. Just be careful swinging around the light saber if you are using it in a hot liquid. Harness the force and make the perfect meals with this light saber.

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