Let Your Fandom Shine with New Color Changing Mugs from Zak! Design

color changing mugs zak design

color changing mugs zak designOver the years, we’ve gotten a lot of of fun mugs through our travels and ones that just speak to us. But that never means we have enough! Any day, any occasion and of course any character is fair game to be added to our mug collection – and if the mug does something special, it’s an automatic in!

color changing mugs zak designSeveral of our favorite mugs come from Zak! Design who is constantly updating their fandom mugs, cups, plates, bottles and more. And their latest ones – color changing mugs. Yes, ones that reveal extra designs when they have hot water, tea or coffee added to them. But the mugs are so much more than that! They also feature  a full image on the cup that you can enjoy even when it is not in use. The designs vary but Zak! sent us their Star Wars and Batman color changing mug. It’s not just a hidden design, but more detail reveals itself within the main image as well.

color changing mugs zak designThe color changing mugs hold 15 oz of liquid – you could probably put 16 oz in but might be pushing it for carrying it safely. And due to the design and color changing technology, they should be hand washed. But the novelty of the mugs changing color as you pour your drink in them, watching the change happen and enjoying the design while you’re enjoying your drink will never get old.

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