The Cutest Star Wars Slow Cooker You’ll Ever Find

Star Wars Slow Cooker Review

Star Wars Slow Cooker ReviewYour dinner time just got a bit more fun, or at least your appliance you’re going to make it in. We’re absolutely in love with this new Star Wars Slow Cooker that we were sent from Pangea Brands. Not only does it highlight all of our favorite Star Wars characters in an almost Pop style but it will stand out at the office pot luck or that next family party you take it to.

Star Wars Slow Cooker ReviewFor a long time Pangea Brands has been focused on making some of the best geeky appliances and kitchen products they can. From bringing to life a Darth Vader tea kettle to a Death Star Popcorn maker, their products not only look great on your counter but are completely functional products as well. And their newest addition, the Star Wars Slow Cooker may be one of our favorites (so far). With it’s large 7 quart capacity, and variable temperature dial you’ll be able to make dinner for a big family and do so in style.

Star Wars Slow Cooker ReviewYou can fit a whole chicken inside this dorky slow cooker, and when your meal is done and everything is put away, you can just pop the liner and lid in your dishwasher for an easy clean. Your holiday meals or weekly chili just got that much easier to make and let’s face it – the slow cooker will bring smiles to anyone who sees it. With an even cooking method, you can easily just set up your dish and the temperature you want it and have dinner waiting when you get home from a busy day or that last holiday party.

Perfect for the ultimate geek, or as a compromise if you live with a geek who wants to decorate the whole house in their fandom. The design is slightly under stated and the adorable features will make it an easier sell for someone who wants a more traditional design. Use the force to make your dinner tonight.

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