Make Your Next Movie Night Epic with a Death Star Popcorn Maker #rogueone

Death Star Popcorn Maker Review


If you’re like us, and like having movie nights – it’s time to kick up your game a notch. It doesn’t matter if it’s just us, or we are having friends and family over, but popcorn has become a big part of the movie night ritual. Over the years, we each have our own popcorn flavors we like, and tend to go through them really quickly. To help save our budget, and make movie night more fun we had been looking for a popcorn machine so we can pop our corn and customize our own bowls to our liking.

Death Star Popcorn Maker ReviewPangea Brands sent us our own Death Star Popcorn Maker to use for our family movie nights, or for when we host game night with friends. Not only does it look pretty cool sitting on the counter when we’re not using it, it is actually an air popper so no oil or butter is required. All you have to do (after a first initial wash) is plug it in and add in the kernels of whatever popcorn you want. You can add butter, salt and other flavoring directly to the kernels so the flavor is throughout the finished popcorn.

Death Star Popcorn Maker ReviewWhen you first open the Death Star Popcorn maker it has all the parts you need. When not in use, everything can be stored inside the Death Star and it actually resembles an early version of the space ship that we get to see in being built in Rogue One. The parts are plastic, easy to wash and when you’re ready to pop, the top can become the popcorn bowl for your movie night.

Death Star Popcorn Maker ReviewOur first impression of the Death Star Popcorn Maker was it was a bit smaller than we expected. Fully assembled the Death Star Popcorn Maker is under 13 inches and will fit easily under upper cabinets. This makes it easy to keep out between uses, and to display your own Death Star. But don’t let the small size scare you – this little Death Star will pop enough for a movie night in just a few minutes.

Death Star Popcorn Maker ReviewWe have a variety of popcorn kernels we picked up from the local farmers market, and they all work great in the machine. You just measure the kernels out in the scoop and pour it into the machine. Once on the popcorn maker is on, the heat and moving air inside will pop the kernels. At first, it doesn’t seem like much is happening, but it only takes a few minutes for a full bowl of popcorn to be made. You can even add butter or oil to your kernels using the scoop as well to make it just how you want it.

Not only is it great having our own little popcorn machine for movie nights (or just snack nights in general), but the Death Star Popcorn Maker adds a little fun to the popcorn making experience. We can pop as much popcorn as we want for a movie night and make it our own. You can find the Death Star Popcorn Maker and other Star Wars items on, Pangea Brands Website and at select Bed Bath and Beyond Stores. Follow Pangea Brands online, and on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest

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