Taking Daily Vitamins Just got Easier with Root’d

Root'd multi vitamins

Part of our daily routine to stay healthy is taking our daily vitamins. Ok, so that’s what they tell us at least. As we get older, we have to shelf those Flintstones vitamins, but we don’t want to take a handful of pills multiple times a day. So where do you start?

This year we’re starting to change up how we’re taking our vitamins thanks to Root’d. While we’re working on adding our water to our daily plans, we’re also shaking in some Root’d into it as well. It’s a water additive, fizzy vitamin mix in. Punched with flavor and packed with vitamins, and perfect for a busy life.

Root’d is taking what we know about vitamins and shaking it up a bit. It is the first multivitamin powder made for men, women and prenatal mothers. It’s made specifically for people who don’t want to take a ton of pills or don’t want to take in extra sugar with gummy vitamins.

Test by nutritionists, every Root’d packet has added extras like electrolytes to help with hydration, super greens to help absorbability, and probiotics and enzymes to help keep your stomach on track. It has 25 of the essential vitamins and minerals our bodies need every day. Each of the packets are naturally flavored, sugar free, gluten free, dairy free, soy free, allergen free, and vegetarian friendly.

But that’s not the only good that Root’d has packaged inside. They are committed to a healthier Earth by planting 10 million trees and removing 10 million pounds of debris from our oceans this decade. All of their products are sustainably produced 100% within the USA from earth friendly materials and less than 5% total plastic in its packaging.


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