Disney Codeillusion Offers Free Coding Courses

Disney Codeillusion Offers Free Coding Courses

Do your kids need something new to do to keep theme engaged and may need a little bit of Disney magic included? How about learning how to code and create with their favorite Disney Characters? Our friends at Life is Tech has opened up their custom coding courses for free for kids to stay engaged with special “lesson only” courses that you can access now!

Students, teachers and schools alike can now access comprehensive coding lessons with some of their favorite Disney characters. In the lesson-only version, students will start with the basics of media art, game design and web design and will have the ability to progress through 125 lessons learning HTML, CSS, Javascript and Processing along the way. Students will have a “no-stuck” experience, meaning help and guidance – if and when they need it – is always there for them in the form of hints from their favorite magical Disney friends.

Here’s how to register:

  1. Provide your name and email here 
  2. They’ll send you a confirmation email and will generate your unique login ID and password
  3. You will be able to login and access your comprehensive coding education lessons for 14 days

Please visit our FAQ for additional information and to answer any other questions that you might have.

Updated 7/14/2020:

Disney Codeillusion is now just $899 or $30 per month for their coding lessons and more fun! Use Code WEEK99ER to save $200 on this cost!

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