Unique Gifts Your Valentine Will Love This Year

RosePops Review

It’s getting pretty close to Valentine’s Day and you might be like us, still looking for that perfect gift. Instead of getting a mass produced or off the shelf of the drugstore. We’ve come up with some great, non-traditional gift ideas for everyone you love in your life!

Something Sweet that Isn’t Chocolate

Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

Not every girl loves chocolate, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love something sweet. If they just love something a bit more natural or even locally sourced – why not give them some honey? From different season varieties or flavored honey sticks – you can find a lot of great options from Waxing Kara. Bee sure to check out their great honey and bee themed gifts!

A Surprise That is Fun and Collectable

Funko Snapsies

If your Valentine is a kid or loves those surprise toys, it’s time to grab them a Funko Snapsies! They are currently available exclusively at Target and Target.com for $9.99. Designed and developed for children ages 6-11, Snapsies™ offers innovative snap-and-match technology allowing kids to customize their figures to create thousands of unique combinations. These undeniably cute Snapsies™ creatures, including Llamas, Hedgehogs, Unicorns can be transformed into Jett the rock star unicorn, Billie the super-athletic mountain goat, and hedgehog Boe. Snapsies™ come packaged in an enclosed ball container, adding an element of surprise to the play experience.

Something to Keep them Powered and Charged

Charge Hub Review

Make sure they are able to charge all of their devices and do it with style. Why not grab a ChargeHub7? With 7 USB ports and Smartspeed Technology – this hub will not only only take up one plug on their desk but will keep their devices charged. Available in white, black and marble – there is one that will fit their style and their space.

A Better Way to Keep those Flowers Last Longer

Amaranth Vase Review

The Amaranth Vase comes in two parts that screw and lock together with one simple motion. The top part includes a basket almost to hold the bouquet in place and expose the stems at the same time. At the bottom of that piece is actually the plug that keeps the water in the vase as well. A quick turn of the top and your vase can completely drain out of the base without you spilling water everywhere. But what does all this mean and do? It means you have easy access to the stems in your flower bouquet for easy trimming, and you’re not going to lose the height when you do it. You can change the water inside easily whenever you want without a huge mess or hassle and it means that your arrangement can stay intact without you messing it up as you keep it fresh. But most of all, it means you will have beautiful flowers for longer because it’s not such a pain maintaining them.

Flowers That Actually Last

RosePops Review

There’s just something different about them. RosePops aren’t just your average bouquet, they’re ones that will make an impression. While their price point is quite a bit higher than what you would pay for a drug store rose, the duration, flawless beauty and year long freshness will be enough to move RosePops to the top of your gift list this year. Perfectly preserved roses that smell fantastic and will last for up to a year!

The Means To Make Music

If your partner has a passion for music, then gifting them everything they will need to have their own jamming sessions at home is sure to put a huge smile on their face. You can set up a spare bedroom in your home as a kind of studio, filling it with all kinds of equipment from microphones and speakers to drum machine pedal devices and electric guitar amplifiers. Of course, you don’t have to create a whole new studio loaded with instruments and equipment if you don’t have the cash to splash, as opting for just one musical device is still more than enough to show them just how much you care about them and value them. 

Foodie Lovers Paradise 

For lovers who are obsessed with all things food-related, then it’s a great idea to buy them a gift that relates to their passion. Taking them to a food lover’s paradise in the form of a chef’s table dinner at a local fine dining restaurant is sure to blow them away, as it’s an experience like nothing else available. You’ll get to watch an expert team of chefs prepares your meals, explaining their actions as they go, before you get served the most exclusive meal available. Do some research online to see which restaurants in your area offer a chef’s table experience, as your partner will certainly enjoy their evening.

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