Serve and Prepare your Meals on a Bamboo Cutting Board

bamboo cutting board review

bamboo cutting board reviewI love kitchen products that not only work well, but are also beautiful to look at. That is exactly what I can say about the Bamboo Cutting board that was sent to me by Sarian Products to review. Their Eco-Friendly Bamboo Board not only can be used for food prep, but also as a cheese board and you can use it for food serving as well.

bamboo cutting board reviewThe Bamboo Cutting Board measures 12 x 16 inches, which gives you a lot of space to work and even push of your food to one side when you’re done. Overall the cutting board is 3/4 inches thick without the non-slip feet included. This makes the board very sturdy and strong feeling, but for me it takes up a lot of drawer space when not in use. Since the cutting board is made out of bamboo it is naturally non-porous, anti microbial & anti-bacterial surface, eliminates strong odors and bacterial growth by preventing absorption.

bamboo cutting board reviewWhen I first unwrapped the cutting board there was a strong chemical treatment smell to it, but after a quick wash that smell went away. The board is easy to wash and maintain with washing it in hot water and soap. However, since it is made from natural wood products it is recommended you oil the board to keep it in good shape. For me this is a lot of work for a cutting board that falls in the mid-price point, but to keep it in good shape.

You can use both sides of the cutting board, but one side of the cutting board has feet on the reverse of the corner guards. The feet help the board stay in place and lift it up from the counter a little more. The corner guards are available in blue and teal, so you can choose the color that make sense for your kitchen. For under $25 (currently on Amazon) the Bamboo cutting board is a great kitchen tool, and it has the added green benefits of using renewable resources.


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