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Take Your Glass on the Go with a Contigo Purity Bottle #gocontigo

Contigo Purity ReviewSince we made the switch to all glass drinking bottles in our house almost two years ago, there has only been hiccup in our system. Yes, we spend a lot less money on water bottles, and we have a lot less going into our recycling bin. But taking our all glass water bottles on the go with us can be scary (and sometimes heavy). We’ve had a couple casualties along the way, losing some bottles and lids as we go.

Contigo Purity ReviewI’m pretty sure my students think I only own Contigo bottles and cups, since that’s what my stuff always comes into the classroom. And while I love my Contigo bottles, I’m still fan of glass when it comes to having water with me. Thankfully, Contigo sent me one of their Purity Glass Drinking Bottles. The simple and elegant design of the glass is wrapped snuggly inside a silicone holder and has a lid attached to it.

Contigo Purity ReviewThe Purity Water bottle holds 22 oz of water, or whatever you want it in, and has a stainless steel lid. It fits comfortably in your hand and easily in your car cup holders. There are however a couple small quirks with the bottle. The Contigo Purity water bottle is leak proof when you have the lid on it, but don’t expect it to have the no-spill protection of your West Loop mug or other bottles. When I tighten the top I make sure it is extremely tight, but have had a couple dribbles in my bag. Part of this problem is self made, since I’m use to my no-spill cups and mugs. The other quirk I’d say is having an attached lid, it sometimes it clanks around as you’re drinking – but other than that this bottle is amazing.

Contigo Purity ReviewYou can toss the Purity water bottle in your dishwasher on the top rack, but it’s a little hard to get the lid to sit in one place even if the bottle is on a rod. I find that washing the bottle by hand is quick and easy. Like all of my other Contigo products, the Purity water bottle is a great bottle to grab and go, and it provides a great start on keeping hydrated while I’m working. And drops – well they’re bound to happen – but the metal cap and the silicone wrap will keep the bottle safe when they do!

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