BlueWare Brings Pop Colors to Compostable Plates

blueware plate review

blueware plate reviewThe last thing I want to do this time of year is another dish. I’m already running the dishwasher twice a day, and I want to make sure I have plates and bakeware for every recipe. I’m not a huge fan of using disposable tins to bake in, and prefer to use plates and other things that I can leave at a party if we’re on the go. This year our dishes and plates for parties will all be on BlueWare. They sent me a set of their disposable plates, and they’re changing how we make our dishes and parties.

blueware plate reviewThe list of differences between BlueWare and the other disposable products on the market is long. Not only are they chemical free, but they’re free of resins, plastics, GMOs and even gluten. I wont need to worry about what is inside the plate and if it can effect my diet. They are completely compostable – even at home, biodegradable, recyclable and ocean-safe. But for me, the best part about the BlueWare plates – they are completely oven, freezer and microwave safe. The BlueWare plates are good down to -30 degrees and up to 420 degrees, and come out of the oven cool to the touch. They are versatile, durable and the simplistic design makes them easy to go with their decor.

blueware plate reviewBlueWare is only available on Amazon and limited stores, but the ease of using the products means there will be a bigger demand for them soon. For us, I’m loving the fact that I will have less dishes to do this holiday season. And even if our BlueWare plates end up in the trash they will break down naturally within a couple of weeks. I’m happy to have a green option for our table and one that I can leave behind without worrying about someone returning the plate as well.



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