Wordworld: Merry Christmas Helps Build Word Recognition

Wordworld: Merry Christmas Review

Wordworld: Merry Christmas ReviewWhen your little one is first learning to read, it’s mostly through word recognition. Knowing that children learn through recognition, PBS Kids has created Wordworld where every day objects are created out of words. This year, Wordworld has released a special holiday special – Merry Christmas! With holiday themed stories and adventures.

We were sent a copy of Wordworld: Merry Christmas to review, and thought it was a lot of fun. Wordworld is a fantastic show for your preschooler aged children or your early elementary aged children. While a lot of the word recognition limits some of the age of the children who enjoy the show – some may be too young and others just too old, we’ve found it can be fun for kids a bit older too. They have fun reading the world that is created out of letters and being able to recognize the words they see in every day life. Merry Christmas has the Wordworld friends on adventures looking for stars, Christmas presents and other holiday themed episodes. We loved the short episodes – but more so how they made learning and reading fun!

Wordworld: Merry Christmas has five episodes including:

  • The Christmas Star
  • A Christmas Present for Dog
  • Bear’s Bed Sled
  • V is for Vacation
  • Think in the Rink

You can find Wordworld: Merry Christmas for under $7 on DVD on Amazon and at stores near you. It has a total run time of 60 minutes and is rated TV-Y. It’s a great set of episodes to get your little ones to work on letter and word sounds, blending words and creating new ones, and building their reading skills.


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