Keep The Wanderlust Alive With Amazing Travel Stories

travel stories

The thing about using social media as a blogger is that you can share your latest discoveries and experiences with a large audience in a few seconds. For enthusiastic travelers, social media is by far the best way and giving someone else itchy feet and thirst of exploring the world. And all it takes is the right image, the nugget of your travels that showcase the beauty and excitement of the world, whether it’s your neighboring town or a distant country with incredible landscapes. In fact, you don’t need to be a blogger to share your travel memories online. But you need to know how to share the feeling of magic exploration best so that those who see your pictures are inspired to visit new places too. With Instagram being one of the preferred and most inspiring platforms, it’s important to understand how to make the most of your travel stories to keep the wanderlust alive.

Show something beautiful

Do you know what the main feeling that pushes people to travel is? The desire to see the picturesque sceneries they find online. In other words, you can contribute to a travel inspiration movement by sharing the pictures of your latest trip in one of the most beautiful regions of the planet. South Africa, for instance, holds some of the most amazing sights on Earth, with the Table Mountain, which dominates the town, and the bright blue waters by the coastline where you can even spot whales from the shores. If you prefer somewhere less known, you can blow your followers’ away with images of Slovenia, which is by far one of the greenest countries in Europe and a great spot for hiking.

travel stories

Teach something interesting

Travels can be educational, even if you left school a long time ago. It’s never too late to learn something new, and sharing the photos of your family-friendly cultural tour in Japan through the villages of samurai and the castles of the shogun families can certainly awake the desires to find out more about the world. Where did the samurai train from what does a typical Roman villa look like, everyone cultivates a natural sense of curiosity. If you can awake it by sharing your new knowledge about an area of the world, you can encourage a lot of people to book flights to places they’ve never seen before!

Do something amazing

Sometimes the journey is the biggest adventure. Many travelers like to document on social media their discovery of a hiking trail over the duration of the expedition, or even their experience on a bike through a continent. You can do the same, by sharing your story about the Jordan trail, for instance, which is a 400-mile route that takes travelers through Petra. If you love the eery spirituality of this almost biblical trail – it takes 40 days to complete – you can be sure that your followers will be inspired by your sense of achievement and challenge.

In short, the days of keeping your holiday photos private are long gone. The more you share, the more you inspire others to explore and grow through the process. Keep your camera at the ready and long live the social wanderlust!

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