The Best Road Trip Foods for a Tight Budget

How to Prepare for an Epic Cross Country Road Trip

Traveling roadside is an exciting adventure and frugal dining makes this vacation affordable. Pack the portable grill and the Dutch oven. Plan to cook two or three hot meals every day.

First stop Historic Old Towne. Visit the historical sites and along the way buy some of the locally made sauces, preserves, and churned butter. Find the farmer’s market and pick home grown tomatoes, peppers, corn and potatoes. Last stop find pork loin chops and kindling.

You’re welcome to grill in the old historic park where your kids can run and play. You will have plenty of leftovers to tide you over before you take your evening break at a motel with a kitchenette.

Tired and ready for a light supper, pull out the pots and pans and make a cheese dip with fresh tomatoes and peppers for nachos. Add a side of refried beans and some fresh steamed cauliflower. When you tummy is full and warm, you will get a good night’s sleep.

Wake up to a hot breakfast. Bake a pan of biscuits, make some scrambles, and serve with fresh juicy cantaloupe slices. Stuff the leftover biscuits with ham salad for a snack later with some string cheese.

You are ready for your big city park zoo experience. Take your picnic with you and you will not miss a minute of viewing every exhibit the zoo has to offer.

Set your picnic table with fresh fruit. Bananas and grapes are a favorite. Slice a loaf of sweet bread for sandwiches and use deli style honey roasted turkey slices and provolone cheese. Put out condiments of spicy brown mustard and mayonnaise.

After viewing the sunset and the skyline, find your accommodations for the night. Buy a hot rotisserie chicken and some seasoned wings. Add a side of mashed potatoes and gravy and buttery corn. Treat yourself to some ice cream.

Start your day with an economical breakfast of hot pancakes and sausages at a country style restaurant. Buy some pretzels and dried fruit chews for the ride to your fishing cabin or beach house.

Finally, you can let the kids have a cold cereal breakfast and run the sugar rush off on the beach or camp trail. Spend a few days making home style meals.

When it is time to make the circle home, stop at the theme park. Pack a lightweight thermal bag with hotdogs, sun chips and cups of yogurt.

For your last official vacation night, serve some comfort foods. Heat a pot of chicken soup or potato and serve it with some crusty bread or croissant rolls. Have some old fashion pudding for dessert.

The travel home takes more than a day or two, stop at a state park and grill burgers. Take your time and use your Dutch oven to cook a pasta or rice dish.

Enjoy your vacation and eat healthy. 


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