Budget Travel Guide to New York City

Things to do on a rainy day in New York City

New York, New York! You know it’s a fabulous town, but did you also know it can be a frugal one as well? Learn some tips from the locals and discover how you can make your New York vacation marvelous while staying in your means.

In hotels, as in real estate, location is everything. By booking a hotel away from tourist areas and Manhattan especially, you can easily save $50 or more a night. Consider a borough tour- spend a night or two in hotels in Brooklyn, Queens and historic Harlem. While experiencing different parts and subcultures of the city, you also will experience a fuller wallet.

Travel in the city can be daunting at first, which leads many visitors to take cabs. But with prices at several dollars per quarter mile, you can spend your entire budget getting around. Locals use the subway, and so can you. Don’t be put off by movie presentations- the New York City subway is generally well-lit, fairly clean, fast and efficient. With stops every few blocks, you are always bound to be close to your destination. Maps are free and can be found online, making it easy to plan your routes before you arrive.

A great part of any vacation is the food. New York hotspots like Butter are full of the in-crowd, but a nice dinner can cost almost as much as your hotel room. The best and most authentic food is found on the streets, and happily will cost a fraction of the price. Try a street vendor hot dog- the freshest ones are found in high-traffic around museums, parks, and Wall Street. Get a slice of New York pizza, every corner has its own specialty. Sample the generous portions in a real Kosher deli, reasonable prices and a pickle come standard.

Pick only one or two traditional tourist spots to visit and skip the rest. You don’t really need a replica Empire State Building. A fall walk in Central Park will be far more memorable and is free. Visit Grand Central Station and admire the architecture and artwork. A museum unto itself, and free for all. Make a point of experiencing the city, not gift shops.

New York has it all- food, culture, history, and fun. Visiting New York is bound to be a memorable experience, whether this is your first time or twenty-fifth. A trip to New York does not have to be outrageously expensive. By visiting New York as the locals do, this trip can mean rewards for your wallet and your memories.



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