How to Plan the Ultimate Family Vacation

How to Plan the Ultimate Family Vacation

When it comes to family vacations, most families are looking for unusual and unique experiences to share with their families. So how does one go about finding the perfect family vacation that all family members would enjoy? Ideally you want to pick something with plenty of things to do, so with Spring Break coming up quick we thought we would come up with some ideas for your family vacation! Well, let’s first take a look at the age group of the children in your family.

Preschooler Friendly Trips

For parents with children under the age of five, discovery vacations are usually the best type to take. What exactly is a discovery vacation you ask? Just like it sounds. Kids under five are so full of curiosity about the world around them and they love to discover new aspects of their environment and what the world has to offer. Formulating a trip around them will bring a lifetime of memories for them as well as a learning experience.

Some great ideas can include discovery zones created just for kids, such as the Children’s Museum found in many cities. Chicago boasts a range of wonderful discovery institutes that will appease the minds of all ages. The aquarium is a whole new world for younger kids to explore and enjoy.

The Science and Industry Museum offers a lot of hands on experience that will promote learning growth within your little one’s minds. The Observatory offers hands on exhibits that allow your little ones to learn about the galaxy in which they live in and the neighboring planets and stars. With all these different types of discovery activities, Chicago also offers plenty of cultural experiences and activities for the parents as well.

Elementary Aged Appropriate Excursions

When your kids reach the ages of six to ten, they tend to like to have more “fun-filled” vacations that allow them to relax their minds and just be their selves. Some great vacations that would fit this type of category include theme parks. Kids of this age group are at the perfect age to thoroughly enjoy a trip to parks such as Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, Six Flags, Cedar Point, Sea World, and many other great theme parks. But if standing in line for hours to ride the perfect ride isn’t your cup of tea, then you could always call to return to nature.

Children at this age group generally enjoy camping trips or trips that are featured around nature. A trip to the Grand Canyons, or Yellow Stone National Park is a great way to do some family bonding. There are so many different National and State Parks that offer different types of amenities and sights to see. While camping, you can either take a relaxing raft ride down a soothing river, or enjoy some rougher waters through small rapids.

Fishing trips are great for kids, because they help to boost their confidence with their first catch of the day. Camping trips don’t have to be the old tent on a hill type of trip. Consider taking an RV out and instead of simply setting camp in one area, travel to different sites. This allows your youngsters to explore new areas they have never seen before.

Things Older Kids and Teens Will Actually Enjoy

If you are looking for something to please your more mature children and teenagers, consider a learning trip to Washington DC or an all-inclusive resort in sunny Mexico or the Bahamas. These resorts offer many amenities such as snorkeling, kayaking, golf, spas, windsurfing, and lots of beach to cover. Washington DC offers a lot of historical information and beautiful sights to help your older children learn about their American heritage and history. The best part about Washington DC is that most of the sights and museums are free of charge. Allowing you to spend more money on souvenirs that will later remind your family of the fun they had.

But wherever you travel to, remember this: Have Fun! Family vacations are about leaving the busy life and world behind and reconnecting with each other. These vacations create lasting bonds and allow children to be themselves and just enjoy their time with their parents without worries of school or homework, or any other everyday stresses they deal with. Just remember to have a safe journey and enjoy each other during your fabulous next vacation.


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