Getting your garden ready for spring

Getting Your Garden In Ship Shape For Spring

Getting your garden ready for spring

Now that spring is in the air we can start to place some of our focus on what we might be doing a lot of over the coming months. Spending time outside. Many of us love to get out in the garden, enjoy entertaining and eating al fresco, but right now I bet your garden really isn’t up to scratch to entice you to spend any time in it. This is why now is the perfect time to get your garden in ship shape condition, and I thought I would share with you some of the ways you can do it.

Giving your lawn some extra care and maintenance

First of all, one of the biggest surface areas in your garden is possibly a grassed area. Your lawn is a huge element to your garden so it may need some care and attention. If it feels too much to handle in terms of cutting or maintenance then you can call a lawn service to help you out. Alternative a good cut and some feed may be all it takes to get it back looking its best. Don’t forget to trim the edges of the lawn to give it that neat finish.

Cutting down overgrown trees

During the fall and winter, you may have found that your trees are looking slightly overgrown, especially if the leaves are just not growing back, which could indicate that the tree is not alive anymore. Cutting back the overgrown trees may free up the view you should be getting from your garden, or it may allow you to make the trees more healthy as new buds begin to grow in the spring.

Clearing away the debris and fallen leaves

You may have also noticed that you will have a lot of fallen debris of sticks and branches and countless leaves thanks to the previous seasons we have just endured. So unsurprisingly, clearing all of this away could make a huge difference to how your garden looks without much more interference or maintenance required. These things can also be recycled, so make sure you put them with the garden waste.

Tidying up the flower beds

Spring is the ideal time to start planting some new flowers or seeds for the warmer months ahead. The colors can really add a lovely touch to how your garden looks. But before you can plant them, your flower beds may need you to spend some time getting rid of the unwanted weeds that could be lurking.

Sprucing up any woodwork or fencing

Finally, the last detail you could focus on would be any woodwork or fencing you have. Giving them a fresh lick of paint could be the ideal way to brighten up the exterior of your home. Whether you just focus on the fences or gates or even the other woodwork that might be evident on your home, it could enable it to look fresh and clean.

I hope that these tips help you to get your garden back to its former glory.

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