How To Get Your Kids to Love Epcot and Learn About the World

Things for Kids to do at Epcot

Things for Kids to do at EpcotEpcot is probably one of the favorite park destinations for adults. Not only can you eat your way “around the world” but you can also drink your way around. But for kids, it can be boring – and I’ve heard stories of it almost being a punishment threat to take kids there instead of Magic Kingdom. Our parents took us to Epcot as kids, and I’m not sure if my sister and I are just a bit odd, but we loved it. I will admit though, I have limited memories of that part of our trip and I remember the World Showcase a lot smaller than it actually is. With the additions coming to the park in a couple years, it’s a great time to get the kids to Epcot to experience everything it has to offer and show them how much fun it is!

Things for Kids to do at EpcotSince Epcot’s main features is the World Showcase, be sure you stop into one of the first stores around the lake and pick up one of the Epcot Passport kits. They run around $12, and inside is a page for each country in the showcase, stickers and stamps for each location and even a button your kids can wear around the park. I picked one up for myself, and set the goal to complete it on our trip. Yes, the passports are designed for kids to experience the world, but it’s still fun for adults as well.

Things for Kids to do at EpcotEach country through the park has a sign that’s marked “Kidcot” and this is where you get your passports stamped, signed and more. Each Kidcot in the different countries are actually staffed with cast members from that country (whenever possible) and they can teach your kids more about the country they’re visiting and what it’s like living there. At your first Kidcot location, have your kids pick up their Duffy Bear, he can help them travel through the park. If you don’t want to pick up a passport, you can actually get Duffy signed and stamped in each location and make him a souvenir they will cherish for years to come.

Things for Kids to do at EpcotThroughout Epcot’s World Showcase you can actually do character meetings. Near France, be on the look out for Belle. Jasmine may be visiting Morocco while you’re there and of course you can meet both Mary Poppins and Alice in London. Pose for your pictures with your Photopass or your own camera (the Photopass cast members are happy to take photos with your camera as well as theirs), and be sure to fill up that signature book with your favorites.

Things for Kids to do at EpcotEpcot offers so much more than the reason to drink through the park and kids will fall in love with the easy access to their favorite characters. Right when you walk into the park you can go visit characters in The Land and even learn more about space and the future. Don’t forget that each country has exclusive toys for the movies that your kids love, and that may be enough of a draw to visit for your little ones. And when they do their special themes like the garden festivals and food festivals it provides more educational fun for kids. Never had fish and chips? Be sure to stop in England for those, and some of the best snacks along the way.

Things for Kids to do at EpcotI wont deny that Epcot is still a paradise for adults, we made it through the whole World Showcase in a few hours – we weren’t drinking and we ran between countries in between rain storms. But it was a lot of fun, and fascinating to see how Disney recreated each country and places I’ve been. It’s fun to explore to many countries at the same time and definitely things that your kids will enjoy as they experience the world and learn new things about it. I think the Kidcots are key to making it a fun experience for little ones giving them kid friendly facts and ways to experience each country through their young eyes.

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