Be Our Guest Restaurant Walt Disney World Review

Inside Be Our Guest and What You Can Expect as a Gluten Free Diner

Be Our Guest Restaurant Walt Disney World ReviewPretty much every little girl who grew up watching Beauty and the Beast wanted to be Belle and twirl around that ball room, and every kid wanted to explore the Beast’s Castle – especially the West Wing. That is probably why guests to Walt Disney World are flocking to Be Our Guest to have a meal at the castle. The restaurant is so popular that getting reservations is almost impossible, but it is definitely worth trying. On our recent trip to Walt Disney World, we were able to snag breakfast reservations at Be Our Guest and it did not disappoint.

Be Our Guest Restaurant Walt Disney World ReviewBe Our Guests opened to the public in 2012, with Beast’s castle nestled on the rocky hills inside Magic Kingdom. The castle is impressive and with broken archways and gargoyles keeps a bit of the darker side that you’d expect from the movie. Inside the interior is a recreation of the spaces from the movie. Guests can dine inside the ball room, the East Wing or even in part of the forbidden West Wing. You enter in the great hall and place your meal order in the library (which sadly isn’t as grand as the one from the movie). With roses as your table and reservation trackers, Disney thought about everything at Be Our Guest. You can make reservations for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and while Belle does not visit the space, there are rumors that the Beast will visit sometimes at dinner.

Be Our Guest Restaurant Walt Disney World ReviewBeing gluten free and dining out is always hard, but it is never anything I worry about when I’m at a Disney Park. Every restaurant has gluten free options and special care is taken with your food. For breakfast I had Gaston’s Feast, and while I watched my friends’ pastries come to the table I will admit I got a little jealous. But shortly after one of the cast members brought out a plate with gluten free sweet breads to go with my meal. The meal was enough to fill me up and really I didn’t have space for the bread, so I asked for a to-go box and added it to my bag for a snack later in the day. All of the breads were fantastic, but the lemon and strawberry gluten free bread was the best.

Be Our Guest Restaurant Walt Disney World ReviewEating inside Beast’s castle you can sit and watch it snow out of the back window, visit the forbidden West Wing to see the torn painting and the enchanted rose and even see the stained glass window from the movie. The space was beautiful, magical (as you should expect from a Disney restaurant) and absolutely worth going to. While getting reservations to Be Our Guest may be hard to do, if you’re a fan of ¬†Beauty and the Beast, you need to visit at least once. I’m hopeful that on our next visit to Walt Disney World we can return to Be Our Guest for dinner or lunch where they actually do serve the Grey Stuff – I hear it is delicious.

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