How to Spend a Gluten Free Day at Epcot

Dining Gluten Free at Epcot

It may not be the Disney destination that kids dream of, but Epcot is essentially the playground for adults. From the garden festivals, food and wine festivals and the fun of drinking around the world. But besides rides and characters, Disney is the master at making sure all of their guests will have the best time while they are there.

And where they surpass other parks? Their focus on allergen friendly options throughout. You just have to ask when you get to one of the restaurants at Epcot and you’ll be given an allergen menu – and you’ll be able to find great gluten free options. That means – yes, even with allergies you can eat around the world at Epcot as well!

Dining Gluten Free at Epcot

When you first get to Epcot, it’s like an over sized version of choose your own adventure. You can head towards Mexico or to Canada and start your journey. If you had to the right you can grab a great lunch and treat in England at the Rose and Crown Pub. Grab yourself Savory Hot Pot, which is actually meatless but the meat substitute crumbles makes you think you are having a homemade cottage pie. And you can follow up your meal with an English Trifle (without the graham crackers) and that will fill your sweet tooth.

Dining Gluten Free at Epcot

As you head through the park, swing through Japan to watch a show of traditional drummers and grab some ice cream. The red bean strawberry ice cream is the perfect pick me up to get something cool on a warm day at the park. It is prepared in a kitchen that prepares other items that may have wheat but it doesn’t have any wheat ingredients. It’s sweet and cold and something that your kids will love to try (if you even brought them with you!)

Dining Gluten Free at Epcot

Since going gluten free – you may be missing those late night Chinese meals. But you can fill that craving when you’re at Epcot. The Nine Dragons has a few dishes they can customize and make gluten free for you. Just let them know about your allergy and they can make you the dish without soy sauce or with a gluten free soy sauce. It will fill you up and make you want to head back there more often!

Don’t forget that Dessert! From Mickey Ice Cream pops, cotton candy and even Dole Whip, there are plenty of gluten free options for you. As always, if you have concerns about the ingredients – just ask the cast member or double check the website before you head to the park.

Epcot is one of the best places to hang with your friends, grab a drink and you can absolutely spend a whole day gluten free without any concern about getting sick while you are there! There are great gluten free options in every country and at almost every cart you pass, and we’ll happily try them all on our next visit!


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