Step Inside the Worlds of Dr. Seuss, Jurassic Park and even Comic Books at Islands of Adventures #UniversalMoments

Universal Islands of Adventure Review

Universal Islands of Adventure ReviewOn our first visit to Universal Studios Orlando, we walked into the park and my first thought was “this looks like every other park I’ve been to”. Which, in some ways, it does. Wide streets with different worlds around the corner, and the main entrance reminds me of downtown Hollywood. We had a great time at Universal Studios but it almost felt like with the exception of a couple attractions, we could finish the park in a few hours.

Universal Islands of Adventure ReviewIt wasn’t until my friend suggested we use our park pass to head over to Islands of Adventures my eyes lit up. Yes, Universal Studios is fun, but Islands was everything I expected of a theme park. From crazy different worlds, fully immersive sections of the park and characters we long forgot about – Islands of Adventures is where I could spend days exploring. Not only did they have The Cat in the Hat and Suess Landing, but also Kong Island, Toon Lagoon, Jurassic Park and The Wizarding world of Harry Potter. There is so much to do you may not want to leave. Islands of Adventures is so bright and colorful, you’ll think you’re walking inside a cartoon yourself.

Universal Islands of Adventure ReviewSimilar to the rides in Universal Studio, Islands of Adventure also has a heavy focus on 3D experiences and digital rides. But you will find a lot more actual roller coasters as well. You can also interact with the surroundings and even other rides. Shoot water jets at people passing by, stop for your photo with your favorite signs in Toon Lagoon or stomp your way to revealing new creatures in Suess Landing.

Universal Islands of Adventure ReviewYou can walk through Marvel Super Hero Island, ride The Incredible Hulk Coaster and take a tour of the Daily Bugle. The Amazing Adventures of Spider Man may be one of the best rides at Islands of Adventure, it is a mix between the 3D digital rides and a more traditional roller coaster. Get ready to feel the rain, the fire and more on that ride.

Universal Islands of Adventure ReviewBut for me, the best part of Islands of Adventure is Seuss Landing. Not only do you see your favorite story books come to life, but characters too. The world is bright, fun and colorful, and everything you’d want in a world dedicated to Dr Seuss. You may be hard pressed to find a straight line in Seuss land, but what you will find is a magical world and a good time.

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