Disney’s Frozen Warms the Coldest Hearts

disney frozen review

Disney's Frozen
I grew up with the Disney Princesses. I can remember watching Ariel, Belle and Cinderella for hours on end. So when Disney announced they were going to introduce another princess I was a bit tentative. Would it stand up to the other princesses that have a place in our hearts?

From the few previews that had been released I didn’t know much about the story. All I knew was there was a cute elk and a snowman. What I didn’t know when Disney said it was their new princess movie – there were TWO new princess, not just one.

Frozen is the story of two princesses, Anna (voiced by Kristen Bell) and Elsa (voiced by Idena Menzel.) Very loosely based on the Hans Christian Anderson story of the Snow Queen, the story revolves around Anna and Elsa’s relationship as they try to save their kingdom of Arendelle from being plunged into eternal winter.

The sisters were close as children, until an accident pulls them apart. Elsa has the power to create ice and snow with just a touch of her hands. Always struggling to keep her powers in check with her emotions, things get out of hand when she can’t control her emotions and accidentally sets off events that leave her kingdom in a deep freeze. Chased out of her city, Elsa begins to find out just how to use her powers and who she truly is inside.

Her younger sister, Anna, is then forced to find Elsa, bring her back and find a way to stop the freeze that has fallen over Arendelle. Along the way Anna finds helpful friends like Kristoff and his elk side kick, and a snowman named Olaf.

The movie is full of stunning graphics, that make you want to be able to create some of the beautiful ice sculptures with just the flick of your wrist. Besides graphics, the musical scores are well done and both Bell and Menzel do their own singing for the movie. With Menzel’s ties to Wicked, a few of the songs had a similar feel to the Broadway hit in my opinion, which only gave the movie more strength.

Frozen is the story of two sisters, their love and the power that both can have. It is a great break from the fairy tale norm, where a prince rushes in to save the day. It is an empowering and beautiful movie that you should see in the theaters and add to your collection.


  1. I took our kids to see this today. Even with watching the previews and all of the techie stuff about how they came up with a new way to make snow, I was not prepared for how awesome the movie would be. The soundtrack is unbelievable. The story is very detailed and heart warming. This is the first movie in a long time our 3 year old went to a movie in the theater and didn’t request a bathroom break! Even our teenage son loved it.

    • I completely agree – I wasn’t prepared for how amazing it would be. I think they should have promoted it a bit more, or done more with the previews. 🙂 It’s a new favorite!


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