Frankenweenie – Now in Theaters! 

frankenweenie review
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With Halloween quickly approaching and it’s time to get in the mood for some Spooky good times!

Frankenweenie hits theaters nation wide today! It’s the newest Tim Burton stop action film and it’s full of his usual creepiness and fun!

The movie centers around Victor, a young boy and his dog Sparky. What is Victor to do when Sparky is hit by a car? The move is a modern twist on Frankenstein full of misadventure, chaos and dark humor.

We were lucky enough to see the movie earlier this week. We are big Tim Burton Fans and have several of his movies.

I think we were the oldest kids in the movie theater! The show was full of Tim Burton standard scenes as well as his unique style. It had a child like playfulness with the backdrop of the dark Frankenstein inspired story. If you’re a fan of Tim Burton you will see a lot of similarities to some of his other movies.

There are a couple scenes that I would expect to be a bit scary for little kids, so I would suggest this is a good movie for older kids and teenagers. But if you’re a Burton fan this is a movie you’ll want to see!

Remember to get your kids in the mood for Halloween and to see Frankenweenie! There are some great recipes and games linked below!


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