Baymax will be your Hero in Big Hero 6! #BigHero6

big hero 6 review
Big Hero 6 Movie Review
When we were invited to go see Big Hero 6 earlier this week, I didn’t know much about it. I’ll be honest, I haven’t really watched any movie previews, so the only thing I knew was it was the movie “with the marshmallow” guy. I also knew my friend’s children are extremely excited to see it. But Big Hero 6 is so much more than just another comic come to life.
Yes, Big Hero 6 is based off a series of Marvel comics, and unlike the Avengers and those super heroes – it has come to the screen as an animated movie. And in true comic book form, the main character Hiro goes through a major tragedy before finding his true self and purpose.

Hiro’s brother is killed in an accident on campus, while Hiro is displaying his new technology in the student showcase. While the tragedy shakes him and he struggles for a while, he is left with Baymax – the robot his brother built. When a left over piece of his technology starts pulling him towards other pieces he thought were lost, it also leads him into danger and into adventure as well as where he should actually be in his life.

While the movie does have some more “scary” moments when his brother dies, it keeps to true Disney movie and fairy tale form with a tragedy launching the hero into their quest. The movie is rated PG, but has some parts that kids may not like or are too old for them to understand. However, even with all of that there are a lot of heartwarming and funny movements that will have you loving Baymax and the team.

Also, in true Marvel fashion, there will be your scene including Stan Lee as well as an extra scene after the credits. Big Hero 6 is now in theaters – if you see it, let me know what you think!


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