Tethered Brings Another Unseen Monster to the Screen

Tethered Movie Review

Sometimes the scariest things are the things we can’t see or are the monsters of our imagination. But joining a long lineup of monsters that we can’t see (Bird Box) or can’t make noise around (Quiet Place) is Tethered – a movie with an unseen monster that is holding a family hostage in a remote location. But add to that, the main character Solomon is blind, his mother takes every precaution she can for him by teaching him a routine and literally tying him to their home with a long rope and tether system.

So while Tethered fits into the same type of thriller category of a scary movie, it does stand on its own on the type of twist and turns the movie takes. We’re not dealing with aliens, but something a bit more sinister. And despite what Solomon’s mother has done to prepare for him to survive – it seems like it may not be enough.

With a recording of instructions, Solomon is left on his own after his mother disappears, and follows his routines without question. That is until an outsider finds him and things begin to change some for Solomon and this stranger. Hearing the recording over and over throughout the film does get a bit grating, but the reinforcement of the instructions makes sense for what Solomon has to do to survive.

The movie does rely on dramatic music and the repeated instructions to pull the viewers through the story – but the destination isn’t exactly what you’d expect. It is definitely a movie that will have a bit more edge to it in the dark than casual watching during daytime hours. And will make you wonder the next time you hear noises in the woods.

Tethered will be available to stream this weekend, and may be the movie to make you jump in the dark while you watch it, adding to the list of unknown fears you now have. Whether you’re a well-known horror enthusiast like Joyce Wegman or new to the genre, you might end up loving it.

Overall Rating:

Three and a Half Stars Review

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About Tethered:

In the remote woods of North Carolina, a blind teenager named Solomon lives by himself in total isolation. Despite his impairment, Solomon is able to navigate his surroundings by tying a long rope around his waist that stays tethered to the cabin where he lives. Armed with only his tether, Solomon survives by fishing, foraging, and trapping small animals for food. His only other stimulation is a tape recorded message containing three mysterious rules: The First Rule: When you hunt or scavenge, do it for two—one for the forest and one for you. The Second Rule: When your will is almost gone and you feel like giving up, find comfort in singing our song.The Third Rule: You must never, ever let go of the rope.

In Theaters and On Demand on March 18th


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