Thomas Edison's Birthplace Museum Review

See Where Invention Started at Thomas Edison’s Birth Place

We all know the name Thomas Edison. We know some of his inventions and what he contributed to the world we live in today. Thomas Edison currently is listed as one of the most influential inventors in the past thousand years, making the quality of life better for millions throughout the world. But beyond that we don’t know much about Thomas Alva Edison and what made him who he is.

Thomas Edison's Birthplace Museum ReviewIn the small town of Milan, Ohio, a city that is almost picturesque and the iconic Americana downtown from postcards you’ll find a tribute to the man who brought light to all of our homes. From a statue, wood cutouts and even museums dedicated to the man who invented countless items and patents. And a couple roads off of the downtown area, you will find Thomas Edison’s birthplace, a home preserved by his family and a museum open to the public.

Thomas Edison's Birthplace Museum ReviewThe museum tour begins in the office with mock ups of some of his original work studios as well of some of his inventions, and then takes you to the small home where Edison was born and raised. The home where the Edison family raised six children and where Thomas was home schooled. Since the house has stayed within the family since Thomas Edison moved out the majority of the items in the home are original to the Edison family.

Thomas Edison's Birthplace Museum ReviewOn your tour you can see other inventions that you didn’t know that Thomas Edison created (like a coffee machine that looks a lot like modern Keurig), awards, photos and more. Take some time to visit and explore the property and maybe you’ll see Percy the peacock that has claimed the property as his own. While the tour doesn’t take very long (maybe an hour-ish), it is worth the visit to learn more about the influential inventor, and more of what they leave out of your text books.

About the Thomas Edison Birth Place Museum:

The Edison Birthplace was opened by his wife Mina and his daughter Madeleine as a tribute to the humble beginnings of a great man. The Edison Birthplace Museum is the only Edison site to have family involved, including great-grand children and a great-great-great-great niece on the Board of Trustees, and a great-great-great nephew as President.

To find out ticket information, hours and more about Thomas Edison’s Birth Place and Museum please visit their website.

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