Find a Touch of Nostalgia Mixed with Artistry at Richland Carrousel Park

Richland Carrousel Park Mansfield Ohio

As a kid I loved riding on the carousel at carnivals and at special locations. It was a race to get to our favorite carved animal or horse and ride along for a few minutes. But in the city of Mansfield, Ohio you can ride a carousel any day at a special park dedicated to the ride and the artistry that goes into the carvings.

Richland Carrousel Park Mansfield OhioMansfield is home to The Carousel Works, makers of the horses and animals that have been thrilling children for years. Carousel Works is the largest manufacturer of wooden carousels in the world. They specialize in making carousel magic by pioneering the production of over 45 new innovative wooden carousels located in cities across the country. With a rich history in carousels, Mansfield built Richland Carrousel Park i 1990 and it is there year round.

Richland Carrousel Park Mansfield OhioRichland Carrousel Park is a pavilion type structure with a permanent carousel inside. There are 30 horses and 22 menagerie figures, including four bears, four ostriches, four cats, four rabbits, a goat, giraffe, lion, tiger, zebra and a mythical hippocampus (part horse, part fish). A Stinson Band Organ, made by the Stinson Pipe Organ Co. of Bellefontaine, Ohio, provides rousing music for carrousel riders. The inside animals on the carrousel go 3.71 miles per hour while the outside animals go 6.77 MPH.

A trip to Carrousel Park is a must for children of all ages, if only to look at the beautiful carvings, a miniature carousel and a visit to the gift shop. There is ample parking on the street near the park or in local lots as well. To ride the carousel, tickets start at $1 for one ride and $5 for 6 rides. When you’re done, continue to enjoy the music and lights while snacking on candy, chips, cotton candy, nuts, pop, popcorn or slushes! It’s a nice nod to nostalgia and a part of childhood that everyone should experience at least once.

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