The International Women’s Air & Space Museum is the Free Museum You Need to Visit

International Women's Air and Space museum review

Their stories are often not told, or forgotten with through time. But inside the International Women’s Air & Space Museum in Cleveland, you can find the story of women who paved the way in both the aviation industry as well as in space. The museum is open seven days a week and is free to visit – but is it something you should take your family to visit if you are in the area?

International Women's Air and Space museum reviewThe short answer – yes. Absolutely take an hour or two to visit the museum and learn more about the amazing things women have done in the fields of aviation and space. But there are so many reasons to visit the museum, other than just filling some time on a rainy day.

Inside the Burke Lakefront Airport, the International Women’s Air & Space Museum takes up the majority of the lobby space of the small charter airport. The exhibits covers more than the basics we learn in high school and highlights not only the pioneers in both of the industries but also the women who are currently in the field and making a difference for future generations.

International Women's Air and Space museum reviewExhibits range from informational to ones that you can actual experience. Kids can sit inside a small plane for pictures, touch mock ups of NASA modules and see actual artifacts from women who were the first in flight. Learn more about the different types of jobs in aviation, women that paved the way and change the face of the industry itself.

International Women's Air and Space museum reviewWe were pleasantly surprised at the amount of items that were inside the International Women’s Air & Space Museum, the information and the ever growing exhibit. It’s the perfect educational stop for your family, for people have an interest in the industry or need a moment of empowerment. Celebrate the women who are still making the changes to these industries and take the time to visit the International Women’s Air & Space Museum.

For more information on the International Women’s Air & Space Museum, their hours and how to donate to the museum please visit their website.


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