Fun Eggnog and Peppermint Pops with Zoku Polar Pop Mold

zoku polar pop mold review

zoku polar pop mold review

With the holiday season here, the shelves are filled with eggnog. It’s never been my favorite drink, but I love making holiday treats with it. This year, Zoku sent us a set of their Polar Pop Molds, and with the holiday season here I wanted to make a fun dessert for kids to enjoy eggnog and some extra candy we had around.

zoku polar pop mold reviewZoku’s Polar Pop Molds feature six different characters and feet that you can pair with the feed that make up the popsicle holders. With a penguin, a diver, a whale, a polar bear and a sea lion. With quick and easy to clean molds, you simply fill and add the feet in the pop you want. But the fun with Zoku Pops is not only the shape, but mixing and matching the feet with the bodies.

zoku polar pop mold reviewAll of the Zoku molds and shapes have a symbol that matches one of the feet on the mold so you can match them up with the right body. However, for me, I like making the feet mismatch with the body for a fun surprise for the younger kids enjoying them. The molds hart exterior shape means the pops sit up straight in the freezer and the popsicle holder fits into the well perfectly so everything is lined up.

zoku polar pop mold reviewSo in the spirit of the holiday season, I took the Polar Pop mold and filled it with two fun holiday ingredients – Vanilla Egg nog and candy canes! Just crush the candy cane and sprinkle it in the mold and fill the mold the rest of the way with eggnog. Insert the feet and freeze over night.

I did find the candy cane dissolved a little in the eggnog (what’s really in that stuff!?) but we ended up with a fun holiday treat that kids and adults will love. It’s a super cute treat for the holidays and requires almost no effort or prep work!

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