Cold Brew Coffee Made Easy with La Cafetière

La Cafetiere Cold Brew System

La Cafetiere Cold Brew SystemLast year we saw a surge of cold brew coffee machines and mechanisms when you visit the stores. The result is a less bitter coffee taste, but in order to get the cold brewed coffee sometimes you have to use complicated machines. I’ve seen some that are required to drip slowly over night and would require watching it. The cold brew systems mostly seem complicated, not user friendly and tend to cost a lot of money, that is until La Cafetière released their Cold Brew Coffee Maker. La Cafetière sent us a Cold Brew Coffee Maker to simplify making our own cold brew coffees and drinks.

La Cafetiere Cold Brew SystemThe La Cafetière Cold Brew Coffee Maker is a four piece carafe system with a fine stainless steel filter down in the center. The filter is removable and is perfect for coarsely ground coffee or loose leaf teas. The system uses a slow steeping method that is perfect for cold drinks. The system includes a glass carafe, a collar, the central filter system and a locking lid.

La Cafetiere Cold Brew SystemUsing the Cold Brew Coffee Maker is as easy as fill it up and let the coffee maker do the work. You simply fill the filtered core with 8 tablespoons of coarsely ground coffee and fill it with cold or room temperature water. We found that you should make sure you pour water into the filter slowly or some of the grounds tend to escape into the carafe. But once the water and grounds are in the carafe, all you have to do is wait.

La Cafetiere Cold Brew SystemCold brew coffee takes several hours to make, but the La Cafetière Cold Brew Coffee Maker makes it easy, just assemble and place in the fridge. All you have to do is let the coffee steep for 12-15 hours (or longer if you want stronger coffee). I put ours together before bed the night before and in the morning had rich cold brew coffee waiting when I got up. I just added a little milk and had a delicious cold drink ready to enjoy.

La Cafetiere Cold Brew SystemThe La Cafetière Cold Brew Coffee Maker not only makes it easy to make cold brew coffee affordably at home, but once the cold brew coffee is ready it can be stored in the system for up to two weeks. Prepare it ahead of time and enjoy it over several days. This system is so easy to use and a must have for when you have guests coming over.

How to use the La Cafetière Cold Brew Coffee Maker:

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