pfaltzgraff winterberry Review

Dress Your Holiday Table with Pfalzgraft Winterberry

pfaltzgraff winterberry ReviewHave you noticed that holiday parties don’t have the elegance they use to? Not saying that the parties aren’t well done, but over the years we have lost a bit of the table displays and functionality at the table. Think back to when we were young and the tables our parents and grandparents set at the holidays. There were trays of cookies, displays of food and all of it beautifully set up. It’s harder and harder to find display ware to dress and set your table.

pfaltzgraff winterberry ReviewIf you’re looking for functional tableware and display pieces for your holiday meal this year, Pfaltzgraft has a beautiful new Winterberry line of dishes, glasses, serving ware and more. We were sent a 9-1/2-Inch Perfect Pie Plate with Cardinal Pie Bird, Appetizer Tray with Sleigh Toothpick Holder and a Square Tiered Server to help dress our holiday table.

pfaltzgraff winterberry ReviewLike serving pieces of the past, all of the Winterberry pieces are beautifully decorated and after a quick wash are ready for use out of the box. But unlike the pieces from decades past, the Pfaltzgraft Winterberry collection are dishwasher, oven and even microwave safe. Most of the pieces wont make it in the oven depending on what you use them for but the easy clean up is appreciated when it comes to cleaning up after parties and dinners.

pfaltzgraff winterberry ReviewThe design on all of the Winterberry collection pieces are beautiful, but for me, the functionality is the winning feature. The two-tiered server goes together and comes apart easily and can be dropped in the dishwasher between uses. And the pie plate is the perfect size for dinners, plus with the inclusion of the pie bird – you’re ready to make beautiful pies for all of your parties. I’m not sure when pie birds fell out of style, but they have started to make a come back in the last few years and make venting your pies easier and a little more fun. I love the addition of the cardinal in the design and as the pie bird with the added meaning for the holiday season.

pfaltzgraff winterberry ReviewFrom cookies to candy, crackers and cheese, handmade appetizers, dinner and dessert – we spend a lot of time in the kitchen prepping for our holiday feasts and having our loved ones over.  This year wow them with beautiful tablescape items that not only serve their purpose but make life for you so much easier.

Pfaltzgraft Winterberry is a timeless design that brings in bright red berries, and holly highlights on a simple white background. The design doesn’t overwhelm your table and can be easily integrated into your table setting one piece at a time or stand strongly on its own. It’s a collection you’ll be happy to keep and use for year, and will bring back just that bit of nostalgia of parties of decades past.

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