Make a Stop at the Giant Snowman for the Ultimate Sweet Treats

Giant Snowman Pennsylvania

No road trip is ever complete without stopping at a few road side attractions and tourist traps along the way. For me, this is a must on ever road trip. So, while we were traveling last month I made sure to find a few off the beaten path attractions to visit. One that stood out to me was the Giant Snowman, that is often toted as an ice cream stand – but really sells delicious shaved ice and ice cream.

Giant Snowman PennsylvaniaConstructed in 2012, the Portersville Snowman is a fiberglass constructed snowman that is a quick detour off the highway to stop at. You are greeted with a menu of shaved ice options from single flavors, combinations and even their custom creations like Unicorns and Yetis. If you’re unsure what flavor you want to try or what you want be sure to ask for a sample and they’re happy to oblige.

Giant Snowman PennsylvaniaEven though the Snowman is a newer installation, he stands proudly as a part of Americana tourism at its best. We were shocked that the snowman wasn’t bigger than it was, and it seemed like the interior only had space for one worker (maybe two) at a time. But they offered delicious treats for that hot day or when you need some delicious shaved ice. They are seasonal so this would be a great summer road trip destination. It’s one that kids of all ages would love to visit – because who doesn’t love snowmen in summer or sweet treats!

Giant Snowman Pennsylvania

About the Portersville Snowman:

The Snowman is a one-of-a-kind, 13-foot tall custom built roadside attraction originally from New Mexico. Previously owned and operated from Horn Lake, Mississippi (south of Memphis, TN), and West Chester (Cincinnati), Ohio. In 2013, he found his permanent home here in Portersville, Pennsylvania

The Portersville Snowman is located at 238 East Portersville Rd, Portersville, PA


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