Kids Can Experience the World and More with this Virtual Reality Set

Encyclopedia Britannica Virtual Reality Set Review

Encyclopedia Britannica Virtual Reality Set ReviewFor some kids, learning science is harder than other topics. Some of the ideas are so abstract for them, and they need to just that extra bit to help them understand. Hands on learners may find the idea of Earth science or how things work a bit harder to grasp until they can see it, or experience things on their own. Thankfully, as technology advances we can give them more tools to help them understand the world around them and possibly with their homework as well.

Encyclopedia Britannica Virtual Reality Set ReviewThis year, Encyclopedia Britannica is releasing their Virtual Reality Science set for kids ages 7 and up. The set includes six hard covered books, a Google Cardboard style VR viewer and instructions on how to use the set. All you have to do is add your smart phone and a child to use the set. The books inside the set include topics like Food Science, Transportation, Wildlife Wonder, The Human Body, How Things Work and Planet Earth. Each including several pages of information on the topic to encourage young readers to learn more.

Encyclopedia Britannica Virtual Reality Set ReviewThe set comes packaged with a virtual reality viewer and instructions for downloading six different apps for no additional cost. Once the app has been downloaded and a smartphone (iPhone or Android) is placed in the virtual reality viewer, the reader can access a 3-D environment associated with each book’s content, including interactive animations, videos, games, and more. Adults and children alike can enjoy all these books have to offer. The Virtual Reality viewer comes fully assembled in the set, you just need to open the top and slide your phone in when you’re ready to view what is on the page. Each book has a QR code that activates the book when you are ready to go through it. On your phone screen you will see the image split into two and you will be able see them in three dimensions once you use the viewer.

Encyclopedia Britannica Virtual Reality Set ReviewTo control your view through each page of the book you just look at the pages and use your head to guide your tour. Each view is loaded with more information, facts and way to interact with what is around you. Your kids will love exploring the world around them in these safe books, learning more about the world, space and animals they interact with every day.

The Encyclopedia Britannica Virtual Reality Science Set is the perfect gift for any child that loves to learn and a great addition for a home schooling environment.

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