Farberware’s 6 Piece Stick-Resistant Cutlery Set Adds Color and Function to Your Knives

farberware color series 6 piece cutlery set review

farberware color series 6 piece cutlery set review

With all of the tools in the kitchen, I still think the knife is one of the most important. Very few meals are made without the use of knife and there are different uses for each one. If you’re just starting out, need a new set of knives, or looking to add a pop of color to your kitchen, Farberware has the solution for you in their 6 Piece Stick-Resistant Cutlery Set, that even includes a knife stand.

farberware color series 6 piece cutlery set reviewWhen I first started my kitchen I got a basic knife set – but really didn’t know what I needed. Over the years, I’ve been on the quest for the perfect kitchen knife and tool for the job. After years collecting knives I noticed I tend to get the same style of knife and it’s not a one knife fits all situation. Farberware sent me one of their 6 Piece Stick-Resistant Cutlery Sets. The set includes an 8-inch purple chef’s knife, 8-inch pink bread knife, 8-inch blue slicer knife, 5.5-inch red serrated utility knife, 3.5-inch green paring knife. This set has a knife for pretty much every kitchen job you need.

farberware color series 6 piece cutlery set reviewThe bright pop colors of the knife set means they will fit in any kitchen decor, and the stick-resistant coating helps keep the blades moving while you work. But probably my favorite feature about the set is the resit stand that it comes with. Each knife has it’s own perfectly sized slot so you know exactly where to put them each time after you use them, and it keeps the sharp edges away from hands when not in use. The stand can be stored flush against the wall and it only takes up a little space, or can be propped up when you’re cooking to keep the knives within grabbing distance.

farberware color series 6 piece cutlery set reviewLike all knives, the Farberware Stick-Resistant knives should be washed carefully by hand and are not dishwasher safe. But the stick-resistance makes them quick and easy to wash. Dry immediately and store in the resin stand to make sure they last for years to come. The set is perfect for gifts, for people starting out on their own as well as upgrading your own knives. And with proper care will last you for years to come – all while tackling the biggest kitchen projects. The knives feature comfortable ergonomic handles and are perfectly balanced for cutting – you’re going to love working with them in the kitchen.

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