Always Keep Your Blade Sharpened with Farberware EdgeKeeper

Farberware Edge keeper knife review

Farberware Edge keeper knife reviewWhile having a good knife in the kitchen is important, making sure it is sharpened and ready to go is even more so. Having a dull knife can lead to painful kitchen mistakes, and sloppy knife skills. Even if you have a chef knife at home, you may not have a steel or a sharpening block to keep it sharp. Farberware has released their EdgeKeeper collection that helps keep your knife sharp all while keeping your knife safely put away.

Farberware Edge keeper knife reviewEvery knife in the Farberware EdgeKeeper line has a protective shield to keep your knife in. At the opening of the shield are sharpening blades that help sharpen the knife each time you place it inside the shield. The sharpener section is marked with red grips and a red opening. The shield has a ceramic mechanism that hones the blade before and after each use, maintaining a blade’s razor-sharp edge

Farberware Edge keeper knife reviewWe were sent the Farberware Chef Knife with EdgeKeeper Self-Sharpening Sleeve to test out. The knife is a nice weight in your hand, and the handle is of plastic so it’s not too heavy. The cut of the handle makes it fit comfortably in your hand, but it wouldn’t be the most comfortable to use for long cutting sessions. However, for home use this wont be a problem. Overall, the knife feels comfortable in your hand, and it’s easy to get the cuts you need for your meals.

Farberware Edge keeper knife reviewStraight out of the packaging, the Farberware chef knife comes perfectly honed at a 15 degree edge. It’s ready to work and make your meal prep easier. After each use, a quick wash and dry and back into the sleeve – the knife stays clean and sharp. The sleeve helps protect any hands that come near the blade when it’s in a drawer as well as sharpens. When you put the blade in the sleeve, you don’t have to use the sharpener portion after each use, but using it regularly means you will always have a sharp knife ready when you need it.


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