Save All of Your Holiday Favorites with Ozeri Instavac Containers

ozeri instavac system review

ozeri instavac system review

This time of year means a lot of baking, a lot of big holiday meals and a lot of food. Between running from party to party, how do you keep the food fresh long enough for you to enjoy it? For years, I’ve wanted a food sealing machine, and have one I love but there are times that I’m on the go and it becomes too much to deal with. Vacuum sealing your food can add days or weeks of freshness to the items (depending on what you’re sealing) and we’re always open to an easy way to save our food.

ozeri instavac system reviewWe were sent the Ozeri Instavac 8 Piece food system to test out. Inside the package are 4 BPA free storage containers and lids that will quickly become your favorite food storage system. The top of each lid has a vent seal on the top that can vent when you microwave your left overs, and a dial on the top that you can use to set the date you are putting the food inside. It gives you a good visual of when your food was put in and if they should still be good.

ozeri instavac system reviewWhere the Instavac Food Storage Containers beat out standard food storage containers – when you lock the latches down on the side (the latches actually say VAC) it pushes all of the extra air out of the container. Your food is locked in until you unlock the lids. The bottoms of each container have a wave pattern that keeps fruit and vegetables over liquids that will keep them fresher longer. The Instavac containers not only keep your food fresh longer, but they’re freezer, dishwasher and even microwave safe.

ozeri instavac system reviewThere isn’t any special equipment needed with the Instavac food storage containers. Instead, you just lock the lids down and you’re ready to go. Take this year’s favorite cookies with you and be sure they’ll be fresh when you get to your party, or when you get home with the left overs. With containers that nest perfectly inside one another, this food storage system wont take a lot of space and doesn’t require power to keep your food fresh longer.

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