What’s in Ned’s Head is a Gross and Fun Game for Kids of All Ages

What's in Ned's Head Review

There is just something some kids don’t grow out of – being gross. It’s not a boy or girl thing, but something that’s just part of being a kid. Gross things are funny and while as adults, we try to avoid the gross parts of life – as kids it can lead to imaginative play and more. And that’s why, we encourage grossness in some ways including in different games.

What's in Ned's Head Review

What’s in Ned’s Head is a fun and gross game for kids 4 and up. Inside the game you get a giant plush head with different ways you can reach into it – through his ears or mouth. But would could actually be inside that massive head? Worms? Brains? Dirty Socks? Melted lollipops? There’s a lot going on inside Ned’s head and you have to get it out.

Players take turns drawing cards and reaching inside the head (without looking) to hopefully grab the piece that is on the card they drew. It’s more of a fun game of image and shape recognition through touch – and thankfully for the adults playing along none of the items are slimey or gross feeling. The game however will give your kids fits of laughter and will have them wanting to reach inside Ned’s Head to find more fun hidden inside.

While the game is rated for over 4 years of age, the pieces aren’t small enough or have small bits that would be considered choking hazards. That means if smaller kids want to play along, they can as well and the giant holes in Ned’s Head will make it easy for small arms to reach all the way in and grab items.

A little bit gross, a lot of fun – we’re sure kids are going to love What’s in Ned’s Head this holiday season.


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