Games to Pack for that Next Road Trip or Camping Adventure with Your Kids

Games for Camping and playing outside

Games for Camping and playing outsideWhile school is back in session, it doesn’t mean summer is done yet. While the weather is still good there’s still time to play outside, go camping and to get some of those last days of summer in. Many of these game pics are small, easy to pack and ones to keep your kids entertained for hours. Get a few now for those last trips of the year, or stuff them in the stockings to use next year for Spring Break!

Best Games for those Long Car Trips

Car trips can be stressful after hours and hours for kids. We know this is a great time for kids to play on their tablets or watch movies. But eventually they will get sick of them, the batteries die or it’s time to go screen free. So what do you do? How about games that will keep them entertained (and you sane) that can actually pack quickly for their own trips. Grab a few to keep them entertained, keep them on hand for that next game night and keep the kids happy at the same time.

Charades for Kids – Charades for Kids-Travel is designed for kids of all ages to play and enjoy. Each of the 150 charade clue cards includes a word and a picture so even the youngest of children can play. This classic game is a family favorite sure to bring smiles to everyone around the campfire.

Color Smash – Take a break from hiking with Color Smash, the fun, fast card game of color coordination and fast reflexes. Color Smash includes 113 colorful slap cards, each one featuring a different color and word combo. Family members take turns laying out their slap cards, until there is a splat with the correct color word on it then SLAP! Be the first player to collect the most cards to win.

Flip N Chips – Enjoy a family picnic with Flip’n Chips, the refreshing memory game. Shake up the game then pour out the fun, as family members take turns flipping chips over to match the colors and shapes. The first players to match seven chips wins.

Best Toys to take Camping with You

Not all toys are meant to be outside, so they’re not ideal to take camping with you. But when you’re packing for the next trip – grab some toys that can withstand your kids as well as outdoor play. From fishing to soccer in the water – there’s hours of fun packaged in these new toys!

Rocket Fishing Rod® and Bobbers – Spend the day fishing with the Rocket Fishing Rod, just pump, launch and reel in the fish. The Rocket Fishing Rod is great for kids of all ages, it replaces standard kids fishing poles and takes the hassle out of fishing.

Goliath Soccer Ball – The whole family will love kicking the Soccer Ball around before enjoying s’mores by the fire. The Goliath Soccer Ball is made of tough, waterproof neoprene for all-weather play. It’s heavy-duty stitching makes it the perfect soccer ball for any camping adventure.


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