Unwrapped Life Takes Some Stress Out of Holiday Travel

unwrapped Life Review

The holiday season means a lot of travel, and packing, and finding the right items to take with you. If the holidays have you traveling far enough to fly, it adds in another element to the stress of the season. But one small gift idea this year can not only make traveling easier but will mean that you have less stress when packing and create less waste as well.

This year, we were sent Unwrapped Life Hair Bars. Both solid shampoo and conditioners that will quickly become one of your favorite things. Unlike liquid shampoos and conditioners, you don’t need to check them or find a special small sized container to take them on the plane. Each solid bar is made with natural ingredients and can be used for over 50-70 washes (depending on how long your hair is).

Using solid shampoo and conditioner is as easy as using a bar of soap, simply get it to lather and put the product in your hair. Now, the shampoo wont lather as much as liquid shampoo – but that doesn’t mean it’s not working. If you have longer hair you may need to use more of the conditioner to get your hair manageable, but again, it’s easy to use. Between uses, let them dry completely and they’re ready to travel and be used again.

Besides being a great product to travel with and to take with you, Unwrapped Life is also eco-friendly. No more bottles that need recycled or thrown away. Put them in a reusable container to travel with you, they can easily stay packed for your next trip.

You can take the small shampoo and conditioner bars for long trips or use them for your whole family as you travel. Check out the different variety of Unwrapped Life Hair Bars for your family on their website, and start doing your hair differently while you travel.

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