Three Surprise Toys For Their Stockings For Them to Open and Unbox

5 surprise toy review

It’s no shock by now that every kid is obsessed with surprise toys and unboxing videos. But with this crazy, comes a whole new line of toys that kids can not only unbox themselves but get different surprises as they do it! And this year, there are a lot of different surprise toys that your kids are going to absolutely love finding in their stocking this year. The fun of unboxing and opening the toys is only the beginning and at the end – they have fun toys that they will love playing with over and over.

Dino Strike is Here to Battle

5 surprise toy review

Dino Strike is the perfect surprise toy for the dino lover in your life! Not only do they get a fun dinosaur toy to play with when they are done opening all of the capsules but they also get their own battle worthy armor and weapon for the most epic battle ever. Unlike most other surprise balls, each capsule has the parts to build the dinosaur and a couple of accessories. It will be the perfect gift idea for any kid that loves dinosaurs and surprises with each capsule they open.

Get your 5 Surprise Dino Strike Balls Here

Unicorn Squad Brings Magical Fun

5 surprise toy review

What is more magical than a unicorn? How about a surprise ball that not only has a unicorn toy, but an outfit, jewelry, stickers and even slime for your little one to play with!? Unicorn Squad Surprise Balls have five different capsules filled with fun and each one is a different combination – you could even find a rare unicorn and accessories in there!

Find your new favorite unicorn and the magical surprises with Unicorn Squad Balls.

Create Your Own Miniature Collection with Mini Brands

5 surprise toy review

If your children have their own dolls, a doll house or just love tiny toys – 5 Surprise Mini Brands is the perfect toy for their stocking. Inside each ball you’ll get five different miniature products, shopping baskets or even shelves to display them on. Each item is a perfect reproduction of the labels on the real products they can find in the store down to the nutrition information and more. The toys are slightly too big for Barbie dolls but perfect for dolls that are a bit larger and a lot of fun to collect.

Start your own miniature collection and grab your Mini Brands balls!

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