Rubbermaid Lunch Box Product Review

rubbermaid lunch box review
Rubbermaid Lunch Box
Sometimes it’s the simple things that make life easier. In our house we use plastic containers for left overs and lunches. We try to use re-useable containers as a rule for everything – the less we have to throw out the better. So when Rubbermaid sent me one of their new lunch boxes it was exciting.

Rubbermaid Lunch Box

Not only does the lunch box keep food separated. It also has a cooler pack that keeps all of your food cold, not just one section of your lunch.

The lunch box can be put in a bag filled with nutritious goodies for your kids – or you can do what I did, pack a lunch for someone to take to work. He was sent with bbq chicken, a baked potato with all the fixings (that he could assemble himself) and steamed peas.

He was happy that his lunch was still cold at lunch time – the only negative comment about the freezer pack. I had placed it sideways in the freezer which created a bubble, so the pieces didn’t all want to snap in. Just a note for the future if you plan on freezing it – freeze it flat! :).

We’re both happy with the lunch box, it’s easy to clean and I love that it keeps everything separated. They’re affordable and a good option for your kids or even you! Look for the new Rubbermaid Lunch Box at a store near you when you’re back to school shopping.

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