Keep Them Hydrated with Reduce WaterWeek #BacktoSchool

waterweek kids review

waterweek kids reviewEvery day, we struggle to make sure we’re hydrated. But making sure that the kids are sometimes can be harder than you’d expect. The drink options for many of their lunch boxes are often full of artificial flavors, colors and other things we don’t want to think about. And sure, the kids may say they taste great, but they may not be getting the hydration they need.

waterweek kids reviewReduce creates a WaterWeek for adults, but they also have a line for kids. We were sent a set of WaterWeek Kids to review, and to test one out for Goonie’s lunch box. Each set comes with an easy to use tray system, and 5 10 oz BPA free water bottles. The bottles are the perfect size to fit in most lunch boxes, and a great way to pack water or healthier drink options in their lunch box.

waterweek kids reviewWaterWeek Kids is simple to use for adults and for kids. The five bottles are easy to clean and fill each week. The tray keeps them condensed in one small spot so you wont lose them all over the refrigerator. It slides easily in the fridge, and one can be grabbed each day while you’re packing their lunch. Since they’re already chilled – they’re also great for a grab and go drink option.

waterweek kids reviewAnd as for the kids, they love the bright colors! Each WaterWeek Kids bottle is a different color with fun shapes on them. The lids are rounded which makes them extremely easy to open for small hands. They have only 2 threads on the screw cap, so it doesn’t take a lot of power to open the bottles. Goonie loved having his own water bottle set, and knowing that he had his own drinks ready and waiting in the fridge for him.

WaterWeek Kids comes in several different patterns including monsters, aliens, cute animals and simply sweet which features fruit, butterflies and cupcakes. There’s a WaterWeek Kids bottle set for every little one in your life, and they make keeping the smallest family members hydrated easy for our busy lives.


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