Meet Puffy The Laughing and Farting Unicorn

Puffy the Unicorn Review

Unicorns are magical creatures – and their more popular than ever. And now there are some more fun options for the unicorn lover in your life from Club Petz. The soft cuddly unicorn will make your kids laugh and will be one of their favorite friends to share or take with you to family events.

Puffy the Unicorn Review

From the outside, Puffy is just a cute unicorn with his golden horn and a rainbow main and tail. His large wiggly eyes don’t tell you much about overall, but once you switch Puffy on, he shows you more about him. Puffy comes in a demo mode, to switch him on you flip the cloth fabric on his bottom and turn him on.

What happens once Puffy the unicorn starts laughing? He laughs and laughs until you turn him off actually! And he laughs so hard he actually farts. If you listen in between his laughs you will hear a little “poot” noise that will get your kids laughing too. Your kids will find Puffy hilarious.

Although he seems to be a plush, the mechanics inside that make him laugh and dance around on the table makes Puffy a bit harder to cuddle. However, he’s adorable and kids won’t exactly care if he’s there for cuddling or just to share a laugh. Puffy’s laugh is infectious and is going to make him a must have this holiday season.

Puffy is available online and at Target stores this, and wont last long.

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