Zuru Dino Smashers Review

Smash, Dig and Discover Surprise Toys in Each Smashers Dinos

It doesn’t seem to matter when it is, but dinosaurs are as popular as ever! We grew up playing with dinosaurs and little boy and girls still become obsessed with them. With new shows and movies always coming out with dinosaurs as the focus, there is a boom of dino lovers – and the need for new toys that these fans will love.

Following the theme of surprise toys, our friends at Zuru have released Dino Smashers toys, that not only let your kids get fun dinosaur toys but inside you can find great science experiment and more for them to play with.

Zuru Dino Smashers Review

The Dino Smashers Epic Dino Egg is filled with 25 surprises inside that are activities that the whole family can play with together. From slime that hides bones inside, foaming volcano that reveal a limb and even rocks to dig in and to find the missing parts. The different surprises will keep everyone entertained for hours and is a fun gift just on its own.

If the Epic DIno Eggs are too large for your kids, or out of your budget don’t worry Dino Smashers also offer maller 8 pack of eggs and toys that your kids can open and enjoy. To open the eggs you actually have to smash them on the table to crack the shell. Inside you will find surprises like fossils to be exhumed, dinosaurs, zombie cave men and more. The figurines are collectable and your kids are going to want them all to share and even trade.

Zuru Dino Smashers Review

You can get both the Epic Dino Egg filled with all of those surprises and that skeleton you get to build and well as the 8 pack of eggs both online now. Perfect gift ideas or stocking stuffers that kids are going to love playing with!

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